Victoria Beckham: The most pinned celebrity in 2013 and why?

Among the chick flick of the Spice Girls, I always preferred  Mel C, and her cheerful personality, maybe because I was kind of a tomboy in the teenage phase of my life, so a girl wearing sneakers and picking fight with every single soul was so ME. However, Victoria was so mysterious to me, not smiling, not even grinning, always wearing dark colors, with the same hair cut for years, speaking of her famous straight bob that fits her personality as chocolate bars fit my hand perfectly, and her unfriendly state of mind which entitled her to be part of the Addams's family portrait.

However, being in the fashion industry, for a period more than enough for a fashionably immortal like her, made her style evolve so noticeably, from a wardrobe full of tight clothes, questionable short skirts, revealing corsets, prints not favoring her inner beauty, and shapes that compromises her petite silhouette, toward a more calm and gentle Victoria.

Thus, the factors that empowered the most female celebrity pinned this last 2013's fashion style are, according to me, (not that I consider myself an expert in fashion analysis, it's just a mere and personal venture in breaking down her fashion choices) very easy to adapt and adopt to our daily life, so let's dive into her secret of the Posh syndrome.

The array of clothes she settled on these latest years were the climax of her metamorphose, she matured into a woman knowing exactly what suits her and her peculiar personality. Opting for more masculine shapes, she asserted in bringing weight to her persona, diverging from her so known side of Miss Posh to a sophisticated Miss Becks/Designer/Businesswoman/mother, donning a sartorial elegance, proving to us that changing our style is a good thing after all. The most successful fashion makeover yet!

Her style is slightly plain, very accessible, and easy to digest. Nevertheless, her looks are still fashionable and something with substance, to aspire toward for years to come, I predict. I am always into looks that can endure the flow of time, and still keep the same elegance whether you are in 2013 or 2025. Her essentials, from Sleeveless maxi vest, Tailored pant, White shirt, Black blazer, Maxi coat, are very mainstream, and shoppable at every high street brand, which makes her style very popular.

Being the successful business woman she is, she has to carry herself with a unequaled appearance, so according to her the special ingredient to her spiced up style is NOT to smile. Researchers found that pride was often considered a leadership quality in women, and in contrary smiling or cheerfulness was not (source). So to be considered a high status individual, that everybody keeps an eye on them and expect more from them. Now you know exactly what to do, Don’t Smile Too Much!! (source)

So let's see what 2014 will hold for our Ms.V, and which of her looks will be pinned in our Pinterest fashion boards, hoping to be more inspired by her fashionable intelligence.

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