DIY Project: Marble print clutch

Receiving gifts could be tricky sometimes. I remember once I received a carpet for my 18th birthday, as much as I appreciated the gesture I didn't convince my benefactor how happy I was, though I'm pretty sure my room was. I confess that I'm guilty too in matters of giving wrong gifts, the most lame example was a PRIMARK gift card, for I didn't have much time to concoct a personalized one. Giving gifts is an ART. We often find ourselves facing a rather difficult Choice between a useful and a creative gift, the first one might come in hand someday, but the latter has an inspirational purpose, like handmade presents from etsy.

Last week I celebrated my birthday and unfortunately I didn't get an IPad, but I happen to find the box which was destined to be thrown away. The empty box inspired me so I recycled it into a clutch because 'when life gives you lemons make lemonade', right now my lemonade is this tutorial that explains the steps I went through to obtain a marble clutch, cloned from fall 2013 collection of ACNE Studios bags.

Principal Tools:
- Cardboard box
- Plastic adhesive
- Lining
- Magnetic clasp
- Ribbon leather (features)
- Cutter + Scissors
- Glue gun

Final result:

Image sources: style.com, google,??


  1. This is such an awesome DIY! I love that you used an old iPad box. I love my apple packaging and never want to throw it away because they are really nice boxes, but this would be a great way to reuse them. I could even do this and leave out the clutch components and just have a pretty box to store things in my office.

    1. Wonderful idea, Now that marble-print are so IN, we can easily decorate our boxes with adhesive plastic. Thanks Tori for reading our article!

  2. Where did you buy the marble adhesive?

    1. Hi, I bought the self adhesive vinyl film from a stationery shop, but you can also find it online. All the best!