How I became a Man Repeller

If you're reading this article, then I might have gone crazy and hit the 'publish' button, but don't worry if you read until the end all this rambling will become more clear. Please continue.

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It might sound strange, but I've never really enjoyed males company, and I absolutely don't feel comfortable around them; ouch! This clearly explains why my whole entourage is predominantly female. Unconsciously, I find myself casting away any guy's approach, and behaving differently when I sense any interest. My only remedy, to this awkward situation, is to create an invisible armor that evicts any sort of contact with men; this antidote is also known as 'Man Repelling'.

I firmly consider that I ought to be seen as an intellect not an appearance, so if this condition makes my dad the only man in my peripheral with whom I can get with and communicate with full ease, then I accept wholeheartedly this choice. And, I must admit that being a man repeller isn't bad at all, I feel more liberated from the recognition of the opposite gender, I totally don't care about what they like or don't about me.

Whenever I find myself facing a compromising situation, where I have to deal with boys, an inner voice tells me to do/avoid certain actions. In this article, I'm sharing with you my lifestyle as a man repeller.

                                                               Two Mucho Make Up by Jordan Clark
No make up
The facts say that 73% of men would prefer their partner to wear make-up at all times. It is extremely bothersome to have to wear make-up for someone, like it is a sort of necessity or duty, when de facto we should choose freely to wear it or not. I only apply make-up for special occasions only because it allows me to intensify my features  which makes me more cheered up. In consequence, the day I strike against make-up I'm as invisible as the air we breath, my secret (not anymore, I guess!) weapon to withdraw masculine gazes.
Act like a woman, dress like a man!
A man's wardrobe is the most convenient and comfortable wardrobe EVER! Thanks to the brave women of  20th Century, wearing trousers isn't bizarre anymore. In fact, women borrow more frequently masculine pieces to achieve a commodious appearance, some of us will pick sneakers or oxfords over heels (including me). Layering oversized, mannish blazers over vests, billowy trousers, ties and boots: Are the most adopted items from guys closet; The 'Annie Hall' look is my inspiration.

compromising my fashion sense is out of question!
J'adore harem pants, uggs, maxi everything and even granny inspired looks, so before taking into account what men like and don't in a woman's armoire, I prioritize my own preferences. I never miss a chance to affirm my personal style by wearing the trends I crave for, even the ones the opposite gender don't understand. If I see a mix matching blazer I go for it and I will gladly try avant garde shapes without second considerations. Thumbs up for Leandra Medine who declared: "If I have to give up good fashion for a relationship, I don't want a relationship"

                                                                       His Girl Friday - 1940
Less eye contact
Eye contact is a lethal weapon, with a single gaze one can change his destiny, some may fall in love and some manage to get their dream job by a confident gaze; In fact, Studies have demonstrated that when a musician employs eye contact with his public, he receives a great response, which is why I'm always careful with whom I meet eyes, In fact I try to omit it by staring around and making the conversation as short as possible. This is the only way I won't catch his attention, and he won't be able to decipher my true feelings or thoughts.

                                   Key to promotion for women: don't smile
Joke = smile
Smiling is always a good idea. But, what if this idea causes emotional attachments? Marylin Monroe said once:“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything”, a terrible truth indeed, so why take a risk and laugh at the first place? I just pretend to miss the meaning of the joke, or make him believe that I've already heard of it.

Dangerous activities
Every time I state that I practice Taekwondo, I receive shocked reactions, could it be because Practicing martial arts is kind of intimidating? Perhaps. I started this amazing sport last year considering that it is such an intense activity that helps in developing self-confidence, solidifying the body and enhancing one's health. It also makes girls even with boys since we practically do the same performances and excel in many techniques as much as they do.

I'm aware that this concept of 'man repeller' is going to cost me a lot, but I am such a feminist that I'm quite sure I can survive without the approval of a masculine judgement, and instead of focusing on what do men like about me, I aim to do my best to fulfill my own dreams and be as successful as them. I unquestionably don't want to be the woman behind a man's success.

Do you consider yourself  a 'Man Repeller'?
Would you envision becoming one?


  1. Ok, I started of being totally on board with you and this post sounding very promising. But then as soon as I started reading the actual points, starting with 'no make up', this post totally went downhill and kind of became a joke.

    1. Question: How do you intend to get to know men, say for marriage?

      I think there is a difference between feminism and misandry.

    2. Finally some action! I knew that criticism was part of blogging and I really hope those comments bellow aren't the last ones!

      roseofreality: Thanks a lot for giving this post a chance at least until the 'no make up' paragraph, it's a significant achievement.

      Anonymous: I've never said I hate boys I just can't get along with them, that's the difference. I watched so many movies so I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, but I will let God decide for me in this matter.

  2. I love this! Pretty funny! But, I honestly feel like I behave in similar ways around men sometimes too! & I agree: never, never let anyone influence your style choices except yourself! I think a lot of people struggle with that. I look forward to your future posts ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist's, foodie's, & writer's blog in development.

    1. Thanks Carsla. If someone needs to change it will be for himself not for someone else.

  3. Do you get discriminated against for being a hijabi when you do taekwondo?

    1. Hello Anonymous, not at all! There is no room for discrimination for being a hijabi, all that matters is your effort and determination.