A color darker than black

'Colors are two kinds: black and the rest' -Underaveil

I had such a tough time the last week of November, hopefully December came in bringing along a stillness that helped me restore my accustomed serene spirit. In fact, I always found this month to be delightful and that it has a singular effect, during which I reach the maximum level of optimism, even though it represents the end of a year, it symbolizes the beginning of a fresh one. The perfect occasion to start prescribing my resolution list for next year and promising myself that the upcoming year I would do better.

But once January is here, February comes rushing in and my enthusiasm vanishes away, and I begin conceiving dark thoughts (Idées Noires) about my future, I feel depressed and start belittling myself. It's on those exact moments that I develop a bizarre attachment to the color black, primarily because it is all about sadness and negativity, I find myself favoring black clothes and don't hesitate to wear it from head to toe.

After overcoming the post-winter depression I feel more comfortable, I even stop having pessimistic attitude against life. Nevertheless, I stay loyal to this shade, trying to take advantage of it other sides. Even though Black was always associated with bad things in our language; black day, blackout, black cat, black list, black market ... and the list goes on since it describes perfectly the negative objects and situations we go through, we shouldn't forget that it also grants a refined and sophisticated appearance (the little black dress, the little black jacket...) to any outfit, no wonder why the Parisian chic was eternally linked to the color black.

This fall/winter is the perfect season to take your favorite black item out. You can find inspiration in the runways, on how to do the head-to-toe-black look without looking like you have been adopted by The Addams Family.

Would you consider wearing a total black look?
What are your tricks to wear black and still transmit happiness?

Image source: Vogue.it, google, ??

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  1. Honestly, all black is my-go-to colour whenever I don't have time to think what I'm going to wear, which happends everyday I'm late for uni. But black it's beautiful, it's elegant. :)