Review: Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses

I always wanted to see the world around me with a different perspective because I believe that not everything we see, with our bare eyes,  portrays usually the beauty that surrounds us.

Finally, the opportunity of seeing the world differently was handed to me by Brent Paul Pearson the owner of Future Eyes. He contacted our blog to know if we are interested in experimenting with his Kaleidoscope glasses that are handmade in LA, which allows the person wearing them to see multidimensional sceneries. My sister and I welcomed the idea and now we own a pair of them.

Kaleidoscope comes from the Ancient Greek words Kalos, Eidos, and Skopeo –Beauty, Shape, and to Look, in other words it means to see the beauty of life. So, you can imagine what would be its effect. When wearing them you enter a tunnel of magical landscapes, and it's like whimsical poetry for your eyes.

However, these kinds of glasses are not just for fun and eccentric visions/illusions, there is another merit we can add to the list. The creator of the incredible Kaleidoscope Glasses, claims that Future Eyes has the ability to 'increase your optical abilities, enhancing focus power and sharpen awareness. It also reminds you that the world responds to your imagination, which is the essence of change '.

The first thing we did when our package arrived, was to stroll our city Tangier and take some photos trying to see it through our new eyes, we even filmed a short video that you can watch in our youtube channel clicking the link below.

We hope that you will enjoy the photos and the video like we did.

                                     Click on the Image to see the video

Have you ever had the experience before with these kinds of glasses? Would you buy a product/accessory, not to wear it, but just to play with it?

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  1. Hi Girls! :)
    I absolutely love this post! The wording & way it is written is so professional! A really good read! :)

    It's great to see that I'm not the only blogger to give this brand a rave review! :)

    Jack from over at Just Having A Giraffe