Blogging was always a form of verbalising the restlessness of my ideas and reflections when referring to fashion in particular and art in general. Also, like I already mentioned in this article, about why I started blogging alongside my twin sister, this blog was and still is an engaging therapy that helps me focus more on what I really look forward to achieving in the future IA.

Besides those spiritually/psychologically rewards, I didn't expect anything else to bring me gratification and joy. However, Life always surprises us with sweet gestures and remind us that there is hope for everyone to cling to.

When the IFB, independent fashion blogger,  called for all the bloggers to enter a competition by writing a post about how cats influenced our style, my sister and I were excited to participate.

Crafting three DIY projects, one of them was a camo clutch embroidered by me, we did get the chance to be among the winners, our prize was a Fancy bracelet courtesy of Salty Kisses Hawaii, which I adored it simplicity and it minimalism.

Salty Kisses Hawaii is an etsy shop that sells contemporary pacific jewels and personalized wire jewelry, made with Aloha! So go pay them a visit and be sure to order a unique bracelet, your name will never be cooler than resting on your wrists!
And if you want to experience something different and exotic, you can order a personalized bracelet with your name in Arabic alphabets right here.

                                         This is my little sister's hand

We owe to thank the esty shop Salty Kisses Hawaii for the bracelet and Jennine jacob for the cute kitty card.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I'm happy you like your fancy bracelet. :)