ART/C - ONE OF A KIND : Artsi Ifrach creations

The day/time/location: 2 October of 2013 at 7pm in Tangier
The event: ART/C - ONE OF A KIND
The designer: ART/C Paris by Artsi Ifrach
The host: the Concept Store La tribu des Ziri

Yesterday was our first time to attend a fashion showroom. And as they say there is a first time for everything in this beautiful life. When we arrived there, one hour earlier due to a misunderstanding, there were a lot of  "hipsters" mingling while chatting, waiting for the show to begin, and to the designer to reveal his work.

The atmosphere was utterly welcoming, allowing us to embrace the melancholy of the Moroccan products they're retailing, made with ethnic touch sourced from Moroccan traditional fabrics.

Artsi Ifrach  showcased a recompilation of seven beautiful métis previous collections, naming some of them with funny slogans, as 'look again' and 'coming soon'.

I tried to portray the event by shooting some picturesque snapshots. I am just a rookie at shooting with a DSLR camera so please bear with me.

Enjoy the pictures!


                                     In the company of our dear friend Aida of 114 and TSL

Ps:The links are mostly in french, because in morocco it's our second official language.

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