Street Style Inspiration: Sneakers for Fun, not for Run

' I believe in dressing for the occasion. There's a time for sweater, sneakers and Levis and a time for the full-dress jazz.   Ginger Rogers



Blogging was always a form of verbalising the restlessness of my ideas and reflections when referring to fashion in particular and art in general. Also, like I already mentioned in this article, about why I started blogging alongside my twin sister, this blog was and still is an engaging therapy that helps me focus more on what I really look forward to achieving in the future IA.

Besides those spiritually/psychologically rewards, I didn't expect anything else to bring me gratification and joy. However, Life always surprises us with sweet gestures and remind us that there is hope for everyone to cling to.


Deja vu: Plastic bag

Did you know that: About 1 million plastic bags are used every minute, and that a single one can take up to 1,000 years to degrade? the problem resides in that ten percent of the plastic produced every year worldwide winds up in the ocean. Those Scary facts instill us to reuse our grocery bags. Statistics

Image source: Style.com


Review: Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses

I always wanted to see the world around me with a different perspective because I believe that not everything we see, with our bare eyes,  portrays usually the beauty that surrounds us.

Finally, the opportunity of seeing the world differently was handed to me by Brent Paul Pearson the owner of Future Eyes. He contacted our blog to know if we are interested in experimenting with his Kaleidoscope glasses that are handmade in LA, which allows the person wearing them to see multidimensional sceneries. My sister and I welcomed the idea and now we own a pair of them.

Kaleidoscope comes from the Ancient Greek words Kalos, Eidos, and Skopeo –Beauty, Shape, and to Look, in other words it means to see the beauty of life. So, you can imagine what would be its effect. When wearing them you enter a tunnel of magical landscapes, and it's like whimsical poetry for your eyes.


ART/C - ONE OF A KIND : Artsi Ifrach creations

The day/time/location: 2 October of 2013 at 7pm in Tangier
The event: ART/C - ONE OF A KIND
The designer: ART/C Paris by Artsi Ifrach
The host: the Concept Store La tribu des Ziri

Yesterday was our first time to attend a fashion showroom. And as they say there is a first time for everything in this beautiful life. When we arrived there, one hour earlier due to a misunderstanding, there were a lot of  "hipsters" mingling while chatting, waiting for the show to begin, and to the designer to reveal his work.

The atmosphere was utterly welcoming, allowing us to embrace the melancholy of the Moroccan products they're retailing, made with ethnic touch sourced from Moroccan traditional fabrics.

Artsi Ifrach  showcased a recompilation of seven beautiful métis previous collections, naming some of them with funny slogans, as 'look again' and 'coming soon'.

I tried to portray the event by shooting some picturesque snapshots. I am just a rookie at shooting with a DSLR camera so please bear with me.

Enjoy the pictures!


Links á la Mode September 26th


Cozy Up

For all the talk about when "Fall" is officially here, there are two real things that christen the season for me, 1) turning the heater on and 2) getting a cold. Since both those things happened this week, it's super official. What does that mean? Time to cozy on up! Cozy up with what you ask? A good book? Your blogs? That snuggly sweater you invested in for the season? Why not all of the above? This week we've got the perfect round of links for an autumn afternoon, one blogger shares her experience braving the crowds for the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target collab (did I say BRAVE?) another shares what she learned from NYFW, and we finally get the answers to whether it's "plaid" or "tartan"... Lord knows we wouldn't want a clash of the tartans!

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