How to wear: the pajama pants

Cloudy sky, rainy days, chilly wind, consistent flu, Yep! It's officially Autumn! I have a strong post-vacation depression making me feel low during the day, if I didn't have responsibilities I would have stayed in pajamas in my bed, reading books and magazines, but I'm an adult now. Therefore, I need to get on my feet and fight the sensation of indolence.

The great thing about fashion is that it grants you with the freedom of experiencing with unusual styles, making the uncomfortable wearable and the odd completely normal. When you feel like going out with your pajama pants don't think twice just do it! You only need to know how to combine it with everyday pieces.

The pajama pants are a versatile attire, in consequence don't hesitate to mix it up with formal looks. If you're going to work put on a blazer and a white shirt and you're ready. You're having a free day and you're just hanging around? Add on a sweater and maybe a cardigan if it's cold outside. Just remember! To give the entire attention to your pajama pants wear staple clothes with them, t-shirts, bikers, denim shirts ... This way you will absolutely rock this trend.

This is how I wore mines, which by the way, I sewed myself.

The formal look

The casual appearance

How would you wear your pajama pants? 
Do you think this piece will stay in the ever-changing fashion scene and become a staple?

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