DIY Project: Grrrrrr meets Meow!

Cats aren't always the sweet and cute animals we know, they're also misterious and stubborn. In Morocco, for example, some old sayings alert us to keep cautious when stumbling upon cats (especially black ones), some people even think that they're haunted. I always thought that cats are adorable, however I've never been into it at the extent of owning one.

The Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Miu Miu's collection was the trigger for fashionistas to exhibit their inner catlike. And then it was a tsunami of féline inspiration, from Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Flats to BL TEE's Féline sweaters, and further on the street style looks were replete with Kenzo's tigers and Givenchy's panthers. 

In this post, we got inspired from an amazing project organized by IFB, and considering that we didn't start university yet, we had spare time to do some DIY projects, with 'CAT' as a leading character. We did a clutch with a hand-embroidered angry cat, polymer clay rings and finally a MEOW sweater.

Supplies and moodboards

    Hand embroidered cat by my twin sister, she tried to use every single stitch she learned until now!
           I used Vlieseline roll to past the letters, later I sewed them with colourful threads.
                                   A close up shot before baking.
The final look

                              Hand made Polymer clay rings, It feels Grrrrrr-eat right Meow!

                            The clutch has two sides, this one is inspired from Valentino

Pictures taken by my twin sister with a Canon 1100D.

How do cats inspire you? 
What is your favourite animal when it comes to fashion?


  1. Love the outfit, and that DIY top it's so so beautiful!


    1. Thank you Laila! That's so sweet of you.
      Take care.

  2. I like the idea

    1. Thank you Lamia! We are glad that you liked our ideas.
      Take care.