Debut Collection: Episode #6

Although it's been a month now, it seems like it was yesterday. The last 17th of August we experienced many opposite feelings at the same time, fear, enthusiasm, headache, calmness, stress, satisfaction and even at one stage irritation. This was the first time we attended such a big event like 'La PoupĂ©e de Paris'. Many people were presents, some of them were familiar faces, but the rest were totally unidentified. 

Even though we carried out every single advice about networking for introverts explained in this IFB's article, we had a tough time there; the extreme joy couldn't in any manner neutralise a continuous troubled mood. Imagine a situation where a claustrophobic person is trapped in an elevator, despite being with his best friend he can't feel relaxed, well this was the precise description of our condition.

             With the blogger Salma, our sister and the blogger Sara

The music was a mix of Occident and Orient tunes, the same as our collection, an intended harmony between tradition and modernism. A pleasant summery breeze was flowing all around the garden, where this special evening took place, a certain 'back to nature' sensation invaded everybody. The organisers reserved a table to our family members near the catwalk, a nice touch that cheered us during our appearance.

  In the backstage with Mariam Meftah-Omeya Couture and Nada ElKhoumssi (Young designer)

Most of the time we were in the backstage room, to make the final adjustments and give our notes to the models wearing our creations, so we couldn't see the whole show, just fragments of it. Indeed, we didn't take pictures of the entrances of any designer. There were some photographers, jumping from spot to another to obtain the best shot, unfortunately only few pictures were uploaded in some Facebook pages, so we have to be gratified to find some decent pictures to show you in this article. 

             The designs of Mariam Meftah for Omeya Couture

            Nada ElKhoumssi walking the ramp with her creations 

          The label Wachma Couture targets masculine and feminine fashion.

             Tadaaan! Our creations hitting the runway for good.

To see how was our entrance click above.

PS: Please excuse the quality of the video! It was filmed by a Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Pictures sources: Underaveil, Ayoub Chabli, Private Events, Tanger Pocket.


  1. I love the scarf you both are wearing, and the designs on the video are really beautiful, I like that blue skirt :)


    1. Thank you Laila for showing us support and encouragement!
      We really appreciate your sweet words.
      Take care.

  2. Wait, you MADE THAT DRESS!? Oooomg you have so much talent! That is amazing!! Thanks for commenting on my blog--I really appreciate it!
    And I'm so glad I discovered your blog! You've found a new reader in me! c;

    <(") Hoda

    1. Thank you Hoda for stopping by our blog, and for your flattering comment.
      We are very delighted that you will be our reader, because we love your blog!
      Take care!!