Debut Collection: Episode #4

Several facts about our debut collection:

- We spent about 2,500MAD (≈223€) on this collection, only for fabrics and sewing supplies. All the pieces were homemade (with love), with a big help from our mother, who just graduated from a fashion school, so basically, it was like a training for her.

- Our bedroom was the main scenery during the whole creation process, tons of fabric rests were all over the place everyday, so we had to do a lot of cleaning (We should think seriously in acquiring our own workshop)

-  We only had time to present four looks in the event of 'La Poupée de Paris'- The timing of Ramadan was so challenging and we couldn't seek any extern help to divide the work. Each look is different, it has his own moodboard, inspiration and style, we really tried to do a refined collection but we dindn't lay aside the commercial angle (everyday clothes, most followed trends, etc).

-  Because of our lack of experience in this matter, we chose some bad fabrics, especially the transparent ones, they were so difficult to shape and sew, I particularly had a hard time with the cut-out back top.

- What about modesty? Well, we compulsively think modestly about fashion, so our designs are hardly unveiling, as a matter of fact even when we look for inspiration it's always with a certain demureness perspective. Therefore our debut collection is modest and chic at the same time, we did some layering, oversized pieces, long lenghts, in short we did our best to create a modest appearance.

- To be sure about the items we put together, we contacted Ikram, a local model, to help us see whether we respected the size 36(S). It was a big relief when all the pieces fitted perfectly, even the slim pant that goes under the midi red gown.

Debut Collection: Episode #5 (The lookbook) Coming soon!!!

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