Debut Collection: Episode #2

I admit that realising a collection- as mini as it is- is a hard time, especially in Ramadan. I'm going to stop complaining and tell you more about this beautiful experience.
The theme of the fashion contest 'La Poupée de Paris', was 'The clash between Occident and Orient', wich is for me the same as saying 'The harmony between Occident and Orient'.

We participated with 7 designs, but only four of them will hit the runway, because we don't have enough time. The pieces we chose are modern, feminine and chic, however we added a traditional touch to each look to show the rich Moroccan heritage.

The trends we approached are the ones seen in the SS 2013 catwalks. As matter of fact, back in December we talked about how we're living in a DIY period, and we explored this world with 3D handmade flowers that we added to some pieces. We also got inspired from India, some cut here some embellishment there and we have our indian summer. The stripes trend is also present, combined with florals, following the Balmain resort collection 2013.

Here are some pictures making the patterns needed.

A sneak-peak of the last design, we're letting you guess the colors we chose.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram account for more close-up shots. Stay tuned for more!

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