New Concept In Fashion Town: BOMO

"I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."   — Alexander McQueen

Being a tomboy since my early years, I never had the obsession to wear beautiful clothes, any sweater and a pair of jeans would be perfect for me, given that I was always on the run (I was guilty of every broken decoration piece). That's why I grew indifferent of my appearence, but always envious of my female cousines' elegancy.

When I started wearing my hijab, at 12 years old, I became aware of the difference between female and male style. I began to widen my warbrobe, including some maxi skirts, maxi dresses, jackets that covers what should not be seen. And by that, I had to mix prints, and sometimes my outfit would be a mixture of many crazy prints, I was also compelled to layer a lot, and to hunt shopping for XXL items to ensure the flowiness around my body.

I tried to wear beautiful clothes, and I think that I fighted the good fight, following from near the fashion yet adding my personal touch, and even my female cousines, that I envied long ago, complemented my outfit choices.  

However, several questions are raised in the aftermath: Would it matter to you to have or not people's approval of each outfit you decide to wear? Would you mind if you are criticized wearing a singular style? What beauty, style, fashion, means to you? 

When I read various fashion articles about the new trends to be featured this summer 2013, besides Stripes, Metal, Asian influence, Gypsy Style, I stumbled upon an article stating that a new word in the fashion world is here to stay, and that's BOMO. Bomo is a hybrid word formed by BOHO and MOCHE, it's a french word meaning UGLY.

What stirred me the most, is not the meaning, but the peculiarities of this new style. As the fashion expert Martine Leherpeur explains, its characteristics are so familiar to me, let's see some of them:
the inverse aesthetic codes, incongruous, bad taste, boring alternatives, looks outdated, pleats, items borrowed from grandma to look anti-glamor, especially not near the body, socks outside, built against what is fashionable. 

When I compared what I often wear with those attributes, I was startled. So according to the experts, anyone who wears baggy and loose items, love everything combined with the adjectifve MAXI, and try to be modest by concealing their features, to the extent to plagiarize some garments from granny's closet are considered ugly, outdated and anti-fashion. Therefore, only those who wear crop tops, mini skirts, short shorts, transparent fabrics, and the famous tights jeans, are the IT girls.

I didn't have in mind for this post to be a rant, I just needed to express my opinion, and figure out  what really makes an outfit more beautiful than other. And I think that anyone should have the right to wear their preferences, without being labelled by anti-glamour.

Well! let me tell you one sure thing, my sister and I, are very proud BOMO=BOHO+MOCHE.

Would you be offended if someone would label your taste of clothes as Ugly? What's the most fashion faux-pas that costed you a nasty comment? 

Images Sources: Style.com, Vogue.it, Google, zimbio.com                                              


  1. extremely coolest post MashaAllah I feel myself as i'm interviewing you , girls in Vogue blog about it **** really thanks for u work; ohh and Ramadan Kareem :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment, please do come by very often!
    Take care, May god bless you!