DIY Project: The Lunch Bag

I remember when I was little, my sister and I used to make our own things (jewelery boxes, pencil kits, bags, etc ), It was so much fun. When I grew up I got used to ready-made everything, therefore I no longer felt the need to create or customize objects. Since the holidays began I wanted to do a DIY project, and make a come-back to this sublime world.


I chose to do my own 'Lunch bag'. This bizzare item intrigued me the moment I saw it in the runway (even more than the fuzzy shoes) the way of holding grip of it is so easygoing. What encouraged me more is finding this excellent tutorial, I only had to follow the steps and finally have in hand the IT-BAG.

The tools:

The steps:

1- First I sewed both sides of the rectangular metallic leather (I had to past viseline to the leather because it's stretchy).

2- I added some rhinestones to the bag, this way it will have my personal touch.

3- After fixing the corners with glue gun, I inserted a cardboard rectangle to reinforce the base of the bag.

4- It's time to sew some press-studs to achieve a nice shape.

5- I also added another press-stud in the front, in order to have an agreeable folding. 

The final result:

What are your plans for this summer? Are you planning a DIY project ?

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