IN HER CLOSET: Umm Kulthum

Can you imagine a room full of thousands of people holding their breathe, everyone is glued in his seat, waiting in a creepy silence for something to happen, well it's not easy to achieve! But this scene was only possible in a concert performed by Umm Kulthum, an arabic singer who is the Idol for many generations, even if I was born after her death, it didn't stop me from appreciating her songs.

Did you notice that in the old times, a lot of songs were more than 9min but it wasn't enough, however now, the song of 2,35min bores you to death, the same lyrics are repeated again&again nonstop! Umm Kulthum succeeded by winning the heart of millions of listeners. She enchanted the arab world with beautiful songs that will last forever in our ears and hearts, she also left behind a legacy that'll be a reference to many aspiring artists.

Her Charm isn't limited to her music, it also includes her modest flair. The majority of her closet consisted of long caftans and maxi dresses, matching suits inspired by COCO Chanel and sometimes capri printed pants. Her favourite fabrics were lace, brocade and tweed. She accessorized her clothing adding shinning earrings and necklaces, not forgetting her fashion statement: Black kitten shades.

Her pictures are very rare, but the few I found of her are sufficient to prove that she's a real diva.

Do you like Umm Kulthum's sense of fashion?
Which are the artists from the gold era that inspires you the most?

Images sources: Melody4arab.com, ftyani.tumblr, maghrebspace.net, ??

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