Trending this spring summer 2013: The Gypsy Style

Gypsy is a very ambiguous word that have various connotations, but in fashion it has a single meaning and that is a free style that allows you to layer and combine many shades and fabrics. I'm in love with this style thanks to the editorial 'Gypsy Queen', published in Grazia Spain of May. What I loved most about this editorial is the pair (Wide brim hat + gypsy scarf), it is such an ingenious way for covering the head from the sun and at the same time remaining stylish.

Good! If you made it to this point then you must have liked this combination, now the next level is to give it a try and put it on. Here are some of the best online purchases, selected especially for you.

1- Miss Selfridge £28,00  2-  Forever21 $8,80 3- FrenchConnection $39.99 4- Asos $53,20  5- FreePeople $58,00 6- HauteHijab $35,00 

DIY Follow these two tutorials to tie your scarf the gypsy way.

Do you like the gypsy style? How far is this fashion wearable?

Source Images: scans by underaveil, Tutorials from Herm├ęs scarf Book.

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  1. I love this editorial :)