How to wear: The Denim Shirt

Denim has many fans all over the world, it doesn’t care about age or social class. The other day I saw my cousin’s baby girl (of 2 months) wearing a very cute dress in denim, she was stunning. It’s the first trend you probably wore, and if you look back at your childhood pictures you won’t be so ashamed of your old outfits if denim was part of them.

But let’s face it, sometimes it’s not so comfortable to wear a pair of jeans, especially if they’re tights. Moreover this fabric isn’t the ideal match to summer's heat, for instance, here in Morocco We try to avoid denim in summer and instead go with light fabrics to feel fresh during the long summery days. 

But to every rule, there is always an exception, which is the denim shirt. This piece is so easy to combine with several styles and items that it should be honored like the little black jacket. Don’t you agree with me?

Me and my twin went (again) to our building’s roof to take some pictures. My little sister was teasing us by saying that we don’t even know how to pose, due to our shyness and lack of experience in front of the camera. Still, it didn't keep us from taking some decent shots (what do you think dear readers?).

Fatima Zahra:

She wore a classic denim shirt, and paired it with her favorite black maxi skirt. She added a touch of color by choosing a bright red maxi scarf and a matching sneakers. This is a perfect look for a stroll with friends and family. To personalize this look you can add a light cardigan or a sporty vest.


I wore my giant little sister's maxi denim shirt (bought from men's section) as a folded skirt, inspired by a look, the female lead wore in the Korean Drama ''Rooftop Prince'' I watched this summer. And to add some vibrancy to my look I wore a yellow pastel light pair of stretch jeans and a floral sweater. This look is for the bold and fearless ladies, since it is a tricky way to wear the denim shirt.

Personal tips:
- Befor buying a chambray shirt take in consideration the season, in summer you should opt for a lightweight fabric, preferably 100% cotton. Choose a classical cut or go for a customized one, with studds or lace. You can pair it with a maxi skirt.
- If you like to wear oversized garments, then men's section is your ultimate shopping destination, or get yourself a boyfriend shirt or borrow your giant sister's shirt.
- Sneakers are the best match for denim, but it doesn't mean you can't wear it with flats especially creepers and loffers.
- You got bored of your old denim shirt, keep calm and DIY, you can bleach out the shirt and change the buttons.

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