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A Modest Summer

As the cold months make their departure it’s time to look forward to everything that the summer months will bring; from fantastic longer days to the sunshine and with that warmth. Everybody loves the summer, people seem to be more carefree, happier and with more time to spare. The summer does however have its downsides for those who like to dress modestly, the sun is brilliant but it does make dressing appropriately a little difficult. How can you keep up your own personal standards of dressing when the rays of the sun beat down on your back?

This is a problem that returns year after year and so we thought it would be sensible to put together a little guide to help you master the art of modest summer dressing looking at some of this season’s biggest trends and how we can translate them into our own wardrobes.
We look at everything from layering to accessorising and big trends such as stripes, prints and mettalics and explore some easy ways that you can maintain a super stylish but appropriate wardrobe. We highlight some essential items that will make up the building blocks of any half decent closet and show that just because you might dress modestly doesn’t mean that it can’t be fantastically stylish!

First things first, in order to tackle SS 13 trends you must make sure you already have the building blocks in place to help you put together brilliant outfits. The worst mistake a girl can make is investing in something pricey and then never wearing it because you have nothing that goes with it. Once you’ve got the essentials down you’ll be able to play around and mix and match each of the items of your wardrobe!

- A nude tank top is an absolute essential for any modest lady, its perfect for layering in the winter but it is also great to wear under a top that is too short or even a dress that has a low neckline. A flesh coloured tank is also useful to wear under something that might be a little more see-through than you thought!

- A long sleeved cardigan is great for the summer, just because a stunning top has short sleeves doesn’t mean you can’t wear it, pop a long sleeved cardigan over the top for an instant modest transformation. Lightweight materials like fine cotton are ideal for warm summer days as they won’t leave you too hot under the collar!

- Summer dresses needn’t be over the top you can find some beautiful and stylish mid length dresses from most high street stores that are on-trend and help you to keep your modesty intact.

- You might think that tights are only for the winter but they’re not just for keeping you warm. Black and nude tights are essential cover-ups that are perfect for wearing under dresses and skirts. You can also find some really cool patterned tights if you’re feeling a little more adventurous – don’t leave the house without them!

- Whatever you do every girl needs a shirt, a nice cotton one is perfect for the winter under a sweater but for the summer trade in your winter wool and opt for silk or super-lightweight cotton.

- A maxi skirt is the saviour of any modest dresser and they’re definitely on trend this season, opt for a bold pattern or a bright pop of colour to really help your outfit stand out. Layers of cotton will be lightweight and the length will create shade so you don’t get too hot!

- A good pair of jeans will get you through almost any occasion; you can wear them with a nice top and statement necklace to dress them up for a special occasion or just with a tee for a stylish casual look. Team jeans with a pair of ballet pumps to avoid overheating.

- Finally a Breton top is essential all year round, it will add some timeless chic to any outfit and if you can get your hands on a nice thin cotton one you’ll be nice and breezy. Wear a Breton tee with anything from a mid-length skirt to your trusty jeans for an easy paired-back look.


Stripes are one of the biggest trends this season and a really easy one to wear every day, whether you go for a stripy dress or opt for a cool pair of stripy trousers instead. If you’re tackling this trend Asos have a great array of striped clothing just make sure you keep the rest of your clothes quite simple to keep your stripes the focal point of your outfit.

Pattern Party

This season is all about the print which is fantastic news for modest girls, whether you opt for a touch of pattern in one item of your outfit or try out the new season way of wearing prints. Try out head to toe in matching prints with trousers and a top in the same print from Topshop, alternatively if you’re feeling bold then try out a print clash. This trend is perfect as it’s easily achieved with patterned items that already live in your closet!


Everyone from Burberry to Balenciaga are tackling the metallic trend this season and it is definitely one of the coolest around. Grab yourself a statement metallic piece such as a metallic jacket or maxi skirt to really bring a fresh twist to any outfit. If you don’t want to invest too much in something that might not be as fashionable next season then try getting your hands on a couple of metallic accessories such as a shimmering designer purse or even some silver nail polish!

There you have it, a couple of our favourite trends for the season all tailored for the modest woman proving that you don’t have to dress up to be in style and less is certainly not more when it comes to being fashionable!

What new season trends will you be trying out this year?

This blog post was written by Lucinda Bounsall who works at farfetch.com


  1. I am feeling the love for bold florals this season. Great post!

    1. Hello Margot, welcome in our blog.
      We too do love floral print very much, especially in summer, when the sun comes out brighter more than any season.
      Take care!

  2. This is a brilliant post! It's pretty hard to dress classy and modest in the summer when the weather is so hot. This is really helpful for me because I definitely don't want to show too much - especially because I am young and it just doesn't fit into my personal style. Thank you so much for the help, lovely! x

    1. Hi Bohmyi, your comment is so cute, like you. We are glad that you liked the post. Thanks to Lucinda Bounsall, we have here a good article on how to be modest and keep from the summer's heat.
      Keep coming back and share with us your love for modesty.
      Take care!