Links á la Mode of April 25th

Links a la Mode

Be Yourself

With summer fast approaching, we're all taking it easy when it comes to putting on a show. Summer is always more laid back, down to earth and relaxed... a perfect time to reflect on the madness that is everyday life. This week's roundup did a lot of reflecting, from the poses we put on for our blogs, the hamster wheel of personal style on the web, going modest when everyone else is baring it all, letting our hair be it's natural beautiful self, and even embracing your "eye bags." If you're wondering if fashion blogging is shallow or conscious or if Galliano deserves forgiveness this is the roundup for you this week! If you're just looking for some excellent DIYs for the weekend, we've even got a great floral crown, handstamped jewelry, and shirt dyeing project for you!


Links à la Mode: April 25th, 2013

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Street Style Inspiration: Seoul Fashion Week

even if you have to crawl on your knees, get yourself to Seoul! ’- Old Korean proverb


Sources: Elle.uk, streetd.com, chincha.co.uk


Guest Post: Your ultimate guide for a Modest Summer by farfetch.com

A Modest Summer

As the cold months make their departure it’s time to look forward to everything that the summer months will bring; from fantastic longer days to the sunshine and with that warmth. Everybody loves the summer, people seem to be more carefree, happier and with more time to spare. The summer does however have its downsides for those who like to dress modestly, the sun is brilliant but it does make dressing appropriately a little difficult. How can you keep up your own personal standards of dressing when the rays of the sun beat down on your back?

This is a problem that returns year after year and so we thought it would be sensible to put together a little guide to help you master the art of modest summer dressing looking at some of this season’s biggest trends and how we can translate them into our own wardrobes.
We look at everything from layering to accessorising and big trends such as stripes, prints and mettalics and explore some easy ways that you can maintain a super stylish but appropriate wardrobe. We highlight some essential items that will make up the building blocks of any half decent closet and show that just because you might dress modestly doesn’t mean that it can’t be fantastically stylish!

First things first, in order to tackle SS 13 trends you must make sure you already have the building blocks in place to help you put together brilliant outfits. The worst mistake a girl can make is investing in something pricey and then never wearing it because you have nothing that goes with it. Once you’ve got the essentials down you’ll be able to play around and mix and match each of the items of your wardrobe!


Links á la Mode of March 28th


The Beautiful Abyss

Beauty is only skin deep, beauty comes from within. From actually taking care of your skin to being comfortable in your own skin, this is where style starts. We've had a lot of thoughtful entries this week, and I loved reading the posts. Breaking style rules, mixing punk and modesty, and a full on deconstruction of cats on the internet and fashion (my two favorite things). Anyway, before I digress, you'll get lost in a world commentary so perhaps you'll digress into the abyss as well.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup March 28th

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