To blog or not to blog, that's the question!

Broke, a scarce wardrobe, no digital camera, poor English writing skills, living in an exiled city like Tangier (far from the fashion industry) and yet fighting for a spot in the blogosphere. We must be foolish to create a blog under these circumstances, but if we waited for the right time we probably would never started this blog.

Our Fashion Book back in 2002

When we were little we used to make our own fashion magazines with cute illustrations, and cut out tips from any publication we laid our hands on, we had so much fun and by the way we're still preserving them against all the odds (moving out from city to another). Now that we are all grown ups we became relentless readers of International magazines, once we even purchased online the Korean version of Elle Girl and Vogue Girl, although we don't understand a word. Yeah! hopelessly addicted.

Reading magazines wasn't sufficient anymore, we needed to be active instead of passive. So the beginning was in November (it was really a sweet November this 2012), we found motivation to start blogging, after several years of silence. This decision came along following many sessions with a psychologist, because we were near depression, due to an existential crisis that we both felt (at the same time, weird! isn't it?). The doctor encouraged us to explore new hobbies such as writing, so we chose to write about fashion. This blog became a kind of therapy, as well as a way to get over all the fears and limits we experienced in these last two years.

Amenakin- Muslim Blogger and YouTube Guru
Another relevant motive was to show the moderated and stylish side of Muslim women to the entire fashion community. We read a lot about how the Occident misunderstands the religion of Islam, it hurts to see that people judge our intentions and tag us with submission to men. With this blog we aspire to prove that a Muslim woman is an ordinary woman with ordinary insecurities and dreams. Therefore, Under a veil is a platform created to demonstrate that modesty raises women to a pedestal, where they would be recognized and appreciated by their personality instead of their body. Our readers must have already noticed that our articles are solely offering this overlooked angle of fashion.

Writing this blog is a first step to reach our dream, which is creating our own clothing label. We are in an apprentice period where we must grasp and analyze women's needs and feeds. It's also a way to improve our English through redacting this blog's posts.

And to wrap up, we are just 2 girls aspiring to leave a humble touch in the fashion world through our blog, trying to bridge between that ever-changing system and our unique universe.

This post was inspired by the IFB Project #87


  1. Usually I do not post on articles, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to do so! Thanks, really nice blog.

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    1. Well, thank you George for reading our deep thoughts about this blog. And please do come by more often! you're welcome here any time. Take care!

  2. Alhamdulillāh that you guys started this blog because I personally think that both of you are seriously talented. I have never wondered whether you had a sort of problem with English at first. This blog is just so well-written, & enjoyable to be read for me, though I am not a native-English speaker myself. I wish you both can have a brilliant careers in this fashion industry, especially to bring the clear, yet beautiful image of Islam through your creativities.

    It's also sort of lovely to me when you mentioned about your 'near-depression' experience. As a growing teenager I also had that kind of experience too.. But I didn't go to doctor for solving it.. I was just wandering the world with my own obscurity and curiousness, Alhamdulillāh, Allāh showed me the path within Islam (the religion I have embraced since I was born), year after years. I finally found my own belief without being dictated with my own Islamic-sphered surroundings. At that time I was also starting a fashion blog (around 2008-2009) perhaps, and I found it's helping to get more 'interaction' with a "full-of-life" life (haha, if you know what I meant). This post made me realize that writing is also can be one of a great sources to fulfill our psychological needs.

    "That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong." - F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    The quote I found on Amena's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foztBU3Af_E&list=UU9SlIYeOQb2vrTQ3opSCXkg&index=3 - I also adore her!!!

    1. Hello Mila! Your comment is so moving and inspirational. We shared in this post our personal feelings, knowing that there are other people who felt the same. Therefore, we wish that every person who is enduring hard times to be patient because 'everything will be okey in the end, if it's not okey, then it's not the end'
      Take care mila, and may god bless you with all the hapiness in this world!

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