Key Item: The Biker Jacket

One of the staples of women's closet is a biker, it's such a powerful and edgy attire that goes strangely well with everything. I don't imagine anymore my wardrobe without this essential piece, because it saved me many times, when I didn't know how to pair my printed maxi dress or what to add to my knit sweater. It's the easiest way to add some personality to my daily looks.

From Marlon Brando to your stylish neighbor, strolling the international streets or walking the runways, it's the number one choice for an outerwear. So what's new for spring/summer 2013? The biker is having some change of heart, it's not necessarily in leather or with a bold cut, but rather feminine with light materials and sometimes over-sized with a futuristic silhouette.

To go to college I chose a maxi sweater and fitted jeans, but the look was so boring that I couldn't stop myself from adding the biker I bought two years ago from Sfera.

The pictures were taken in the roof of our building, which I never set foot in until this rainy day, even though I lived 6 years in the same building. By the way it's my first outfit post in this blog.

Shopping guide

The upcoming season is a great excuse to continue wearing this key item with spring garments. Here are the top 5 bikers picked with love from the best high street stores.

1. SheInside | 2. Miss selfridge | 3. Wallis | 4. ASOS | 5. Zara | 6. Nasty Gal | 7. Express | 8. ASOS | 9. Topshop | 10. Mango   

How do you wear your biker in winter? Would you dare to wear it this spring? How will you style it?

sources: Vogue.it


  1. I love biker jackets! my favorite is a classic black leather one I bought in Buenos Aires. Great selection!

  2. Thank you Valentina, I do love the classic biker, that is the black leather, but it would be very interesting to try some thing new, and wear a colorful one to brighten your look. Colors, some times, have a therapeutic/positive effect on people. Take care!

  3. I too love biker jackets! I love using them to add edge to the perfect feminine dress!


  4. Great post. Leather Biker jackets are my favorite. I have more than one color but I would love to get a white one too.

  5. Really like the metallic kind!! I'll see if I find the Mango one in stores!

  6. I absolutely love biker/leather jackets! Also, congrats on your Links A La Mode feature
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  7. Nice work doing an outfit post. It takes courage.

    I wear a biker jacket, and I'm over 50. They are just great.

  8. I love the jackets from the grunge and white selections. :)

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  9. Mmmmm great finds. I am into the XL and XS...I guess I just like extremes ;)


  10. I really love the biker jacket style. I love the marbled effect on the House of Holland jacket but also think you can't beat a classic style black biker jacket to go with everything.

  11. Thank you ladies for commenting and expressing your love for the Biker Jacket!
    Welcome again in our modest blog,
    Take care dears!

  12. Leather Biker jackets are my favorite. I love using them to add edge to the perfect feminine dress!

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