ZOOM IN: Etro SS 2013 - The Asian legacy

I love the Asian continent. One of my dreams is to take a long and expanded voyage exploring new skylines. I think that the exotic sceneries, colors, clothings and the peculiar traditions of asian people are very inspiring, and it looks like I'm not the only one inspired by the influence of this rich continent, because several designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and Giorgio Armani are often showcasing an oriental sense of fashion.

Well! It's official ladies, this summer's inspiration went all along the Far East, passing by the african handcraftsmanship, to bring us an ethnic influence to the Spring Summer 2013 collection by Etro.

May Flowers
The spring is coming so it's obvious that the floral print will come along, quoting the famous Editor in chief Miranda Priestly in the Devil wears Prada movie, ''Florals? for spring? Groundbreaking.''
Inspiration: Traditional Chinese paintings.

Lesson#1: As long as it's floral, you can wear any piece, and combine different styles. The perfect option is to pair a shirt with minimum floral details with a floral pant.

Flowers & Stripes
Yes! I'm still talking about flowers. Well, there is an other alternative, that is coupling stripes and floral, to add some elegance to your outfit.
Inspiration: chinese porcelain + Moroccan Djellaba.

Lesson#2: This mix-match is well suited for a work outfit. For the ladies and girls who have to work in the summertime, it will be their special treat, wearing a stripped pant with a floral blazer.

Martial Arts
I feel very empowered wearing my TaekWondo suit. Etro gave us the opportunity to extend this strong feeling into our everyday's apparel.
Inspiration: TaekWondo suit + Miyamoto Musashi.

Lesson#3: To build up your Last Samurai outfit, you have to own a white top and a wide leg pant, and don't forget the fundamental accessory, that is the famous maxi Belt.

Silk Route
Finally! the Kimono is HERE! the every summer key piece is back once and for all. Inspired by the Japanese heritage, you can absolutely indulge your inner nippon side easily.
Inspiration: Memoirs of a Geisha + Chinese Emperor Xianfeng.

Lesson#4: You don't have to go all the way and wear a real kimono. There is a modern way to wear it right. For instance, you can don it as a cape-kimono, as a midi dress, or even as light coat.

Indian Summer
In line with multiple designers, this summer Etro has also, thank god, succumbed to the indian fashion, playing with a Saree and remaking a Kurta, to turn them into a more cosmopolitan look.
Inspiration: Indian Paisley + Sonam Kapoor.

Lesson#5: The best substitute for an Indian Saree is an asymmetrical or a one shoulder maxi dress, together with a light jacket to soften up the look. Or you can opt for a paisley printed dress and match it with a color slim pant.

Ethnic Adds
The accessories are also a good way to channel an ethnic appearance. From statement necklaces, to a variety of Envelope bags, Etro made a very clear argument, that is the harmony between Asia and Africa is alive more than ever.
Inspiration: Samburu people + Furoshiki.

Lesson#6: Inspired by the Kenian women from Samburu National Reserve, you can define you style by having an authentic african necklace. An original way to have your presents wrapped up is to follow the japanese art of Furoshiki, you only need a foulard and a lots of imagination!

Are you also captivated by the Asian charm? Which exotic cultures do you get inspired by? share with us your muses.

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