Key Item: Maxi Skirt

I am the number one fan of MAXI skirt, since they give our outfits the right dose of femininity
and allow us to sport a BOHO style á la Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen following the footsteps of the KING of Boho Marc Jacobs.
The maxi skirt is a versatile piece, you can perfectly wear it with any style and stand out from the crowd so effortlessly, that you can even wear it when you are just heading to pick up your favorite fashion magazine (mine are Cosmopolitan and Elle).

Eventhough this fall the runways are full with an exquisite collection of  maxi skirts, we did not have the chance to see them in action very often, that is to say its shortage in the street style scene. Like Coco Chanel said once ''A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion''.

It might be because it's kind of ticklish. In other words the maxi skirt could sometimes be a little bit awkward to carry out, especially if you are in a hurry, and a pair of jeans is the immediate shortcut.

Let us scrutinize some looks of this fall/winter runways, and uncover the best ideas and clues, to start flaunting our folksy and hippie side.

The Poncho skirt
The poncho is turned into a maxi skirt, made in warm fabrics, it's the best ally against the cold.

All that glitters is the skirt
Perfect for a special occasion, you can pair it with a slogan top, to toss away the sobriety of the look.

The PeekaBoo blouse
This look is ideal for a work outfit, not having to give up an ounce of your femininity.

Go raving mad for leather
You can match it with a knit jumper, and accessorize it with a slim belt, to give some structure to your silhouette.

The party is not over yet
The maxi skirt creates an attractive attire for a dressy soirée, together with a velvet or a sheer top.


Print the skirt out 
Cable knit foil sweater would be the infallible option, to wear it with the printed skirt.

Total Black out
''Without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there's shadow - no, not just shadow, but fullness.''    - Amy Grant

Old college skirt
Imitating the college girls in the Mona Lisa movie, you can dress with a maxi skirt and a geometric top.

Be the prom queen
The skirt is the best alternative for a dress, going to a party, you can also wear a biker to add some edge.

Everything in the skirt is rosy
A lovely skirt to wear when you are sightseeing your favorite area, experiencing an uninterrupted
moment to yourslef.

Two skirt in one
Why you have to own one skirt when you can have two. There is no rule to abide by, any fabric mixing is excellent.

Transparent, why not!
Under your sheer skirt you can wear a pant or another skirt with a contrasting color to create a look with a special effect.

The new Pleats
The pleated skirt has been modernized to suit the very unstable world of fashion.It's an awesome piece to showcase a stylish appearance.

Are you an adherent of this type of skirts? What are your personal tips to wear them in winter? Share your tips with us.

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