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SoVain Magazine is a digital fashion magazine published worldwide every 3 months. Its goal is to give girls and boys a simple guide to style with affordable fashion ideas to inspire them to create a unique personal style that reflects their personality.

We've been contacted by Stephanie Reed, the editor in chief of the magazine, she proposed us a guest post exchange, we were very excited about this new collaboration, so we said YES immediately.

Today we're hosting our first guest post, we wanted to make it a special one, therefore 7 common styling issues have been selected to be answered by the SoVain team. We hope you enjoy the article and don't forget to visit their website for more tips and ideas.

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I love the vintage style, because it is both timeless and modest, but every time I try to wear it, I look outdated as my granny, what am I doing wrong? 

I believe your problem is that you have yet to find that balance between classic and edgy. Always mix up your "grandmother" clothes with something more modern and fierce, like a pair of super-high stilettos or a bright-coloured clutch. A cool pair of tights could also do the trick. Skinny jeans are another item that will never make you look like your grandmother and don't forget that there are many vintage currents to take inspiration from, such are the pin-ups, dandies, mods,etc. Hair and makeup is another fundamental for this style. A red lip  and wavy hair can make all the difference when wearing vintage.

I am fond of maxi skirts, however when winter comes I bury all of them in the bottom of my closet. I would like to wear them even when the weather is cold. Could you please give me some advice?

You can totally use your maxi skirt also in Winter and it can make your outfits look really edgy and chic. The latest trend is to wear your skirt (or even maxi-dress) with a jumper on top. A crop-top is also a great idea, worn with a blazer or a coat on top. You can play around with your tops and see what looks good on the skirt, then wear a pair of ankle boots, a coat and you are ready to go anywhere! The only thing to consider is that the skirt has to be not in a light and floaty material and therefore doesn't look too summery. You also play it safe if you go for darker colours.

My problem is that my wardrobe is full of clothes I don't wear anymore, because their colour doesn't suit me. Is there a way we can get to know what are the perfect colors that match and flatter our skin tone? 

Skin tone colour matching, also known as colour analysis, is the process of finding the makeup and clothes that most flatter your complexion. It is a study fundamentally based on the colour harmony wheel and it consists in classing people's appearances into "seasons". Skin, hair and eye colour are all taken into account. So, do some research, figure out what "season" you are and you'll know what colours will be more flattering. The easiest way to do it, anyhow, is to stand in front of a mirror and bring different colours near your face. Get one of your friends to advice you and together you will be able to find out the perfect colour for you!  

I'm extremely proud of my curves, nevertheless sometimes I would love to dissimulate them. On the other hand I enjoy layering many items, one above the other (just like: Dries Van Noten and Roberto Cavalli). My question is: Layering in a curvy body, is it a good option? What are the best ways to work this look, forgetting about looking overweight? 

Layering is a very bad idea if you are a curvy girl! It makes you look bulky and much bigger than what you actually are. If you have curves, you should show them off and try to emphasize your best assets. You can still wear layers if done in a certain way, but first of all you need to learn how to dress for your body shape. If you have a small waist, always remember to wear a belt to highlight it. If you have great legs, wear skirts and skinny jeans to show them off. Fitted blazers are a great way to layer up without looking "heavy". Scarves and other accessories are also perfect.

Before I started working, I used to wear different styles, but now, I wear a daily uniform and that's a suit. I hate it! I feel a necessity for changing it up a little bit, and still remaining proper. I'm desperate, any tips? 

This is such a common problem. Lots of girls face the issue of falling into the routine of wearing anonymous suits and become "boring". To spice up things just try out a few fashion tips, and you can start by trying to bring colour and different materials into the mix. This season you can wear colourful jackets or with sequins which add a fantastic sparkling touch. Colourful skinny jeans are also a good substitute to boring trousers and cute LBDs will create perfect looks. Don't forget about accessories too. They could make all the difference in an outfit. Jewels, maxi bags, edgy shoes.... they will all get you out from the boredom of the suit!


This season delighted us with many dazzling trends, and for me the best was: the skirt-over-pant. I know it's a tad risky, but I'm sure that with help I'm going to rock it. 

The best way to do it is to combine a high-waisted skirt with a pair of skinny jeans or straight trousers. Go for neutral tones for the trousers, such as black and grey, or, if you want to go for something more colourful, match them with a skirt in the same colour. Dress-over-pants is also another way of doing it and look fab.


All my clothes are in dark colours, from blue navy to black, I'm not accustomed with bright shades. I get many comments respecting this issue, and it bothers me a lot! It's not that I don't like them, but I just prefer the dark ones. How can I add a touch of color, without compromising my own style? 

You shouldn't feel bad about it, many girls prefer wearing dark colours, but you should definitely try to add some colour to your look. Accessories are the easiest way of doing it. Neon bags and shoes are super trendy this season, so why not trying them out.


The So Vain Team www.sovainmagazine.com


  1. I love it! Great questions and tips. The answers are so spot on, I love the photos used.

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    1. Thank you Asma for stopping by our blog. We're glad you liked the guest post.

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    I am SO using your finds for inspiration!


    1. Welcome to the team; fearless females who challenge the fashion standars and choose to go out of the crowd.

      Thanks for your encouragement. We hope you have a great time here.

  3. Such a nice styling and very fashionable!