Fashion Forward: COSBO

1rst of January 1975, was the predicted time for the end of the world, people were frightened and excited at the same time, some of them took this news seriously and started preparing for the final episode of their lives, however some, considered it a challenge and an excuse to reinvent, those were the designers André Courrèges and Pierre Cardin. They always tried to anticipate the future and so they created a rather innovative shape overlooking the feminine anatomy, taking as their main inspiration: Architecture and technology.

Another prediction hit the world, and  disturbed its peace, the past 21rst of December 2012 the universe had another meeting with the final apocalypse. Instead of sitting with arms crossed, a lot of designers shared with us their vision of the future by adding a comfortable sporty appearance. A coincidence? I don't think so. Any allusion to an end, bring in new ideas and an abundance of imagination.

Therefore, a new Bobo concept is born: COSBO (Cosmic+Bobo), discovered by Martine Leherpeur after analyzing the forthcoming tendencies. Later on we'll be talking about two new profiles, that came along this upcoming season: Bomo and Bolélé

Let's examine the characteristics of the Cosbo style.

The main color is WHITE, a pure and basic hue. Worn by many futuristic fiction characters, such as Natalie Portman in the Star Wars saga, Scarlett Johansson in The Island and Diane Kruger in The host.

The designers offered us new shapes portrayed by sharp lines and geometric strokes, inspired by architecture, omitting the conventional patternmaking and playing with risky proportions. Altogether keeping it minimalist and adding special details that emulate space engines, using aswell new materials like the quilt and hologram fabrics.

What do you think about the Cosbo Style? How do imagine your cosbo summer look?

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