It's my first post about accessories, better late than never. I think it's because I barely use the basic ones, for example in winter I just wear scarves and gloves (sometimes), given that Tangier doesn't have a cold weather in comparison with Europe.

The IFB Project, of this week, encouraged me to write this entry and to challenge myself. I took this chance to talk about four of my favourites winter accessories: Beanies, gloves, fur collars and scarves.

The perfect accessory to highlight your inner grunge, feel free to match different colors and play with an easy boyish style.

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It adds sophistication to your hands, it also protect them from the cold weather. Whether it's buckskin, leather or wool, all the fabrics are anti-cold. And don't forget the longer the better!

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Fur Collars
Don't forget your shoulders, they need to get warm aswell, follow the example of the king Louis XIV, and add some fur to your attire.

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Scarves and wraps
My favourite so far, with the possibility to wear it various ways, preferably the XL size, and the good thing about it is that it goes well with any style.

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What's your favourite winter accessory?

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