Deja Vu: Embellished Maxi Dress

Did you know: Oscar De la Renta is credited with creating the very first maxi – a trend that has since graced a billion fashionable ankles. In 1968 the New York Times praised a full length cotton lace dress that De la Renta had designed for the Elizabeth Arden salon and a fashion phenomenon was born. The 60's movie Dr Zhivago is also credited with some of the success of the maxi as fans craved the romance of Julie Christie’s flowing gowns. 


Street Style Inspiration: Maxi Skirt

Expecting me to grovel,
she carefully covers both feet

with the hem of her skirt.
            She pretends to hide
            a coming smile
            and won't look straight at me.
                          When I talk to her,
                          she chats with her friend
                          in cross tones.
                                       Even this slim girl's rising anger
                                       delights me,
                                       let alone her deep love.



A color darker than black

'Colors are two kinds: black and the rest' -Underaveil

I had such a tough time the last week of November, hopefully December came in bringing along a stillness that helped me restore my accustomed serene spirit. In fact, I always found this month to be delightful and that it has a singular effect, during which I reach the maximum level of optimism, even though it represents the end of a year, it symbolizes the beginning of a fresh one. The perfect occasion to start prescribing my resolution list for next year and promising myself that the upcoming year I would do better.

But once January is here, February comes rushing in and my enthusiasm vanishes away, and I begin conceiving dark thoughts (Idées Noires) about my future, I feel depressed and start belittling myself. It's on those exact moments that I develop a bizarre attachment to the color black, primarily because it is all about sadness and negativity, I find myself favoring black clothes and don't hesitate to wear it from head to toe.

After overcoming the post-winter depression I feel more comfortable, I even stop having pessimistic attitude against life. Nevertheless, I stay loyal to this shade, trying to take advantage of it other sides. Even though Black was always associated with bad things in our language; black day, blackout, black cat, black list, black market ... and the list goes on since it describes perfectly the negative objects and situations we go through, we shouldn't forget that it also grants a refined and sophisticated appearance (the little black dress, the little black jacket...) to any outfit, no wonder why the Parisian chic was eternally linked to the color black.


How I became a Man Repeller

If you're reading this article, then I might have gone crazy and hit the 'publish' button, but don't worry if you read until the end all this rambling will become more clear. Please continue.

              As stated in man repeller's blog

It might sound strange, but I've never really enjoyed males company, and I absolutely don't feel comfortable around them; ouch! This clearly explains why my whole entourage is predominantly female. Unconsciously, I find myself casting away any guy's approach, and behaving differently when I sense any interest. My only remedy, to this awkward situation, is to create an invisible armor that evicts any sort of contact with men; this antidote is also known as 'Man Repelling'.

I firmly consider that I ought to be seen as an intellect not an appearance, so if this condition makes my dad the only man in my peripheral with whom I can get with and communicate with full ease, then I accept wholeheartedly this choice. And, I must admit that being a man repeller isn't bad at all, I feel more liberated from the recognition of the opposite gender, I totally don't care about what they like or don't about me.

Whenever I find myself facing a compromising situation, where I have to deal with boys, an inner voice tells me to do/avoid certain actions. In this article, I'm sharing with you my lifestyle as a man repeller.


Links á la Mode November 7th


C'est Chic

I'm writing this from a hotel room in New York today. Coming to New York always makes me think about style... since NYC is probably one of the most stylish places in the world. What makes an outfit "work?" Is it the actual pieces, or your je ne sais quoi? Not knowing, or trying to quantify is what keeps the fashion media in business. Which is why I always love browsing through the links. This week we have all kinds of tricks and tips on how to style your wardrobe, how to put it all together, so whether or no you have that je ne sai quoi you'll at least look damn good.

Links à la Mode: November 7th

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DIY Project: Christopher Kane's tapped top with lace Appliqué

Inspiration and copying, is it the same thing? Maybe in the dictionary there is a distinction between the two words, but according to fashion, they are the two faces of the same coin. Most of the collective of designers and retailers, when getting inspired, they usually reproduce the duplicate of the same stuff, over and over again. But still, we do find their (re)creations innovative and appealing, moreover we do our best to possess them instantly (with the minimum price definitely!). But you know what? Everything is fair, for the sake of a Democratic Fashion, one that reaches the mass in the streets no matter what the consequences are, even if it costs the life to 1,132 garments workers. This vicious cycle is said to bring benefits to the industry. But, is it?


Street Style Inspiration: Sneakers for Fun, not for Run

' I believe in dressing for the occasion. There's a time for sweater, sneakers and Levis and a time for the full-dress jazz.   Ginger Rogers



Blogging was always a form of verbalising the restlessness of my ideas and reflections when referring to fashion in particular and art in general. Also, like I already mentioned in this article, about why I started blogging alongside my twin sister, this blog was and still is an engaging therapy that helps me focus more on what I really look forward to achieving in the future IA.

Besides those spiritually/psychologically rewards, I didn't expect anything else to bring me gratification and joy. However, Life always surprises us with sweet gestures and remind us that there is hope for everyone to cling to.


Deja vu: Plastic bag

Did you know that: About 1 million plastic bags are used every minute, and that a single one can take up to 1,000 years to degrade? the problem resides in that ten percent of the plastic produced every year worldwide winds up in the ocean. Those Scary facts instill us to reuse our grocery bags. Statistics

Image source: Style.com


Review: Future Eyes Kaleidoscope Glasses

I always wanted to see the world around me with a different perspective because I believe that not everything we see, with our bare eyes,  portrays usually the beauty that surrounds us.

Finally, the opportunity of seeing the world differently was handed to me by Brent Paul Pearson the owner of Future Eyes. He contacted our blog to know if we are interested in experimenting with his Kaleidoscope glasses that are handmade in LA, which allows the person wearing them to see multidimensional sceneries. My sister and I welcomed the idea and now we own a pair of them.

Kaleidoscope comes from the Ancient Greek words Kalos, Eidos, and Skopeo –Beauty, Shape, and to Look, in other words it means to see the beauty of life. So, you can imagine what would be its effect. When wearing them you enter a tunnel of magical landscapes, and it's like whimsical poetry for your eyes.


ART/C - ONE OF A KIND : Artsi Ifrach creations

The day/time/location: 2 October of 2013 at 7pm in Tangier
The event: ART/C - ONE OF A KIND
The designer: ART/C Paris by Artsi Ifrach
The host: the Concept Store La tribu des Ziri

Yesterday was our first time to attend a fashion showroom. And as they say there is a first time for everything in this beautiful life. When we arrived there, one hour earlier due to a misunderstanding, there were a lot of  "hipsters" mingling while chatting, waiting for the show to begin, and to the designer to reveal his work.

The atmosphere was utterly welcoming, allowing us to embrace the melancholy of the Moroccan products they're retailing, made with ethnic touch sourced from Moroccan traditional fabrics.

Artsi Ifrach  showcased a recompilation of seven beautiful métis previous collections, naming some of them with funny slogans, as 'look again' and 'coming soon'.

I tried to portray the event by shooting some picturesque snapshots. I am just a rookie at shooting with a DSLR camera so please bear with me.

Enjoy the pictures!


Links á la Mode September 26th


Cozy Up

For all the talk about when "Fall" is officially here, there are two real things that christen the season for me, 1) turning the heater on and 2) getting a cold. Since both those things happened this week, it's super official. What does that mean? Time to cozy on up! Cozy up with what you ask? A good book? Your blogs? That snuggly sweater you invested in for the season? Why not all of the above? This week we've got the perfect round of links for an autumn afternoon, one blogger shares her experience braving the crowds for the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target collab (did I say BRAVE?) another shares what she learned from NYFW, and we finally get the answers to whether it's "plaid" or "tartan"... Lord knows we wouldn't want a clash of the tartans!

Links a la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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How to wear: the pajama pants

Cloudy sky, rainy days, chilly wind, consistent flu, Yep! It's officially Autumn! I have a strong post-vacation depression making me feel low during the day, if I didn't have responsibilities I would have stayed in pajamas in my bed, reading books and magazines, but I'm an adult now. Therefore, I need to get on my feet and fight the sensation of indolence.

The great thing about fashion is that it grants you with the freedom of experiencing with unusual styles, making the uncomfortable wearable and the odd completely normal. When you feel like going out with your pajama pants don't think twice just do it! You only need to know how to combine it with everyday pieces.


A bag, a fashion personality type: Which one are you?

I always wanted to know more about myself, so I did go through a lot of personality tests, from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to Left Brain/Right Brain creativity test. Nevertheless, I still don't have a clear image of which kind of personality I am. I guess I just have to live with the fact that my personality will always be versatile, depending on which stage of life I am.

But, how about deciphering which kind of FAHION persoanlity, each one of us, is? It will be a fun test to take, and you will definitely be 99% (I hope) sure that it is the real YOU.
The easiest and engaging test ever is brought to you by FARFETCH's cool tool: The big Five.

Design your own bag and find out which fashion personality type you are!

Start by designing your ideal type of bag, which genuinely represent your preferences. 
 And then scroll down to get to know which fashionista you are!!!

You designed your own bag, Bravo!!! so let's know which fashion camp you relate to the most.


Deja Vu: Cardigan under dress

Did you know that: Alfred Hitchcock, the famous English director, created fashion icons in all his films, which is considered a source of inspiration for many designers, like Prada, Carven, Louis Vuitton ... This season (AW 2014) is influenced by Rebecca-the movie (1940), where the heroine wears an open jacket with buttons, also known as 'Cardigan'.

Image Source: Vogue.it


Debut Collection: Episode #6

Although it's been a month now, it seems like it was yesterday. The last 17th of August we experienced many opposite feelings at the same time, fear, enthusiasm, headache, calmness, stress, satisfaction and even at one stage irritation. This was the first time we attended such a big event like 'La Poupée de Paris'. Many people were presents, some of them were familiar faces, but the rest were totally unidentified. 

Even though we carried out every single advice about networking for introverts explained in this IFB's article, we had a tough time there; the extreme joy couldn't in any manner neutralise a continuous troubled mood. Imagine a situation where a claustrophobic person is trapped in an elevator, despite being with his best friend he can't feel relaxed, well this was the precise description of our condition.


DIY Project: Grrrrrr meets Meow!

Cats aren't always the sweet and cute animals we know, they're also misterious and stubborn. In Morocco, for example, some old sayings alert us to keep cautious when stumbling upon cats (especially black ones), some people even think that they're haunted. I always thought that cats are adorable, however I've never been into it at the extent of owning one.

The Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Miu Miu's collection was the trigger for fashionistas to exhibit their inner catlike. And then it was a tsunami of féline inspiration, from Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Flats to BL TEE's Féline sweaters, and further on the street style looks were replete with Kenzo's tigers and Givenchy's panthers. 

In this post, we got inspired from an amazing project organized by IFB, and considering that we didn't start university yet, we had spare time to do some DIY projects, with 'CAT' as a leading character. We did a clutch with a hand-embroidered angry cat, polymer clay rings and finally a MEOW sweater.


Debut Collection: Episode #5 (The lookbook)

" What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet " William Shakespeare

A bouquet of roses was the start of this photoshooting, the roof was the location and family was the protagonist. Because all of us are rookies in this subject (especially my twin-sister, the photographer) all the work was unplanned, most of the ideas were spontaneous and albeit the model did some great moves, we chose only the pictures where she can't be identified, to protect her privacy.

Enjoy the lookbook, and don't forget to share with us your feedback.


Debut Collection: Episode #4

Several facts about our debut collection:

- We spent about 2,500MAD (≈223€) on this collection, only for fabrics and sewing supplies. All the pieces were homemade (with love), with a big help from our mother, who just graduated from a fashion school, so basically, it was like a training for her.

- Our bedroom was the main scenery during the whole creation process, tons of fabric rests were all over the place everyday, so we had to do a lot of cleaning (We should think seriously in acquiring our own workshop)


Debut Collection: Episode #3

Colors!... I remember when we were kids we used to mistake green with blue. The perception of the hues varies with age and state of mind. Pablo Picasso said once: 'Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions'.

Many studies prooved that color matters, since it represents 85 percent of the reason people decide to buy. In our debut collection, we chose various colors and fabrics, maybe because we're Moroccan, and in Morocco we like colors (just like Indians)! Maybe it's not the case in the rest of the world, and it's quite understandable, because of the weather, culture and society; that's what I read recently in an article in fashionmag.com


Debut Collection: Episode #2

I admit that realising a collection- as mini as it is- is a hard time, especially in Ramadan. I'm going to stop complaining and tell you more about this beautiful experience.
The theme of the fashion contest 'La Poupée de Paris', was 'The clash between Occident and Orient', wich is for me the same as saying 'The harmony between Occident and Orient'.

We participated with 7 designs, but only four of them will hit the runway, because we don't have enough time. The pieces we chose are modern, feminine and chic, however we added a traditional touch to each look to show the rich Moroccan heritage.

The trends we approached are the ones seen in the SS 2013 catwalks. As matter of fact, back in December we talked about how we're living in a DIY period, and we explored this world with 3D handmade flowers that we added to some pieces. We also got inspired from India, some cut here some embellishment there and we have our indian summer. The stripes trend is also present, combined with florals, following the Balmain resort collection 2013.


Debut Collection: Episode #1

Exciting News! We won a fashion design contest.

I dont't believe that, finally, we will be able to show, for the first time, our designs in 'La poupée de Paris's event. The most thrilling thing is that, other designers from different parts of the world, will also show their collections in the same fashion show.

This event is organised by Syndele Douazi, a hard-working student, who before even finishing her studies in 'Fashion Business' she began the first steps in her career. After the huge succes of the first edition in 2011, she decided to go for a second one this year.


DIY Project: The Lunch Bag

I remember when I was little, my sister and I used to make our own things (jewelery boxes, pencil kits, bags, etc ), It was so much fun. When I grew up I got used to ready-made everything, therefore I no longer felt the need to create or customize objects. Since the holidays began I wanted to do a DIY project, and make a come-back to this sublime world.


I chose to do my own 'Lunch bag'. This bizzare item intrigued me the moment I saw it in the runway (even more than the fuzzy shoes) the way of holding grip of it is so easygoing. What encouraged me more is finding this excellent tutorial, I only had to follow the steps and finally have in hand the IT-BAG.

The tools:


New Concept In Fashion Town: BOMO

"I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."   — Alexander McQueen

Being a tomboy since my early years, I never had the obsession to wear beautiful clothes, any sweater and a pair of jeans would be perfect for me, given that I was always on the run (I was guilty of every broken decoration piece). That's why I grew indifferent of my appearence, but always envious of my female cousines' elegancy.

When I started wearing my hijab, at 12 years old, I became aware of the difference between female and male style. I began to widen my warbrobe, including some maxi skirts, maxi dresses, jackets that covers what should not be seen. And by that, I had to mix prints, and sometimes my outfit would be a mixture of many crazy prints, I was also compelled to layer a lot, and to hunt shopping for XXL items to ensure the flowiness around my body.

I tried to wear beautiful clothes, and I think that I fighted the good fight, following from near the fashion yet adding my personal touch, and even my female cousines, that I envied long ago, complemented my outfit choices.  


Key Item: Sleeveless Jacket

The jackets got a new look this spring summer of 2013. For those who love to wear jackets but avoid it in summer time, the solution will be to grab scissors and cut out the sleeves. You might be thinking: Finally an easy DIY project! isn't it?

So, which are the jackets that you should take into consideration? According to the runways there are three essential pieces: Tailored blazers, denim jackets and bikers. You probably have one of these in your closet, therefore, don't hesitate to give them a new shape.

The tailored blazer is a classic piece but sometimes it could be boring, unoriginal, uninteresting, monotonous, lifeless, ... etc (Oh My God! I didn't realise that 'boring' has a lot of synonyms). In order to grant it a modern appearance you can alter it removing the sleeves. To style it, wear a white shirt or go for a plain tshirt, and pair it with staight trousers.


IN HER CLOSET: Umm Kulthum

Can you imagine a room full of thousands of people holding their breathe, everyone is glued in his seat, waiting in a creepy silence for something to happen, well it's not easy to achieve! But this scene was only possible in a concert performed by Umm Kulthum, an arabic singer who is the Idol for many generations, even if I was born after her death, it didn't stop me from appreciating her songs.

Did you notice that in the old times, a lot of songs were more than 9min but it wasn't enough, however now, the song of 2,35min bores you to death, the same lyrics are repeated again&again nonstop! Umm Kulthum succeeded by winning the heart of millions of listeners. She enchanted the arab world with beautiful songs that will last forever in our ears and hearts, she also left behind a legacy that'll be a reference to many aspiring artists.


Deja Vu: Pajamas

                     Vogue Italy                                      Emilio Pucci

Did you know that A New Jersey barber named Samuel Nelson had been arrested by a policeman because he wore his pajamas in the street? A wise judge freed Nelson, calling his arrest “both asinine and stupid,” and warning the policeman, “Neither you nor I are censors of modern fashion here.” source


Trending this spring summer 2013: The Gypsy Style

Gypsy is a very ambiguous word that have various connotations, but in fashion it has a single meaning and that is a free style that allows you to layer and combine many shades and fabrics. I'm in love with this style thanks to the editorial 'Gypsy Queen', published in Grazia Spain of May. What I loved most about this editorial is the pair (Wide brim hat + gypsy scarf), it is such an ingenious way for covering the head from the sun and at the same time remaining stylish.


How to wear: The Denim Shirt

Denim has many fans all over the world, it doesn’t care about age or social class. The other day I saw my cousin’s baby girl (of 2 months) wearing a very cute dress in denim, she was stunning. It’s the first trend you probably wore, and if you look back at your childhood pictures you won’t be so ashamed of your old outfits if denim was part of them.

But let’s face it, sometimes it’s not so comfortable to wear a pair of jeans, especially if they’re tights. Moreover this fabric isn’t the ideal match to summer's heat, for instance, here in Morocco We try to avoid denim in summer and instead go with light fabrics to feel fresh during the long summery days. 

But to every rule, there is always an exception, which is the denim shirt. This piece is so easy to combine with several styles and items that it should be honored like the little black jacket. Don’t you agree with me?

Me and my twin went (again) to our building’s roof to take some pictures. My little sister was teasing us by saying that we don’t even know how to pose, due to our shyness and lack of experience in front of the camera. Still, it didn't keep us from taking some decent shots (what do you think dear readers?).

Fatima Zahra:


Links á la Mode of April 25th

Links a la Mode

Be Yourself

With summer fast approaching, we're all taking it easy when it comes to putting on a show. Summer is always more laid back, down to earth and relaxed... a perfect time to reflect on the madness that is everyday life. This week's roundup did a lot of reflecting, from the poses we put on for our blogs, the hamster wheel of personal style on the web, going modest when everyone else is baring it all, letting our hair be it's natural beautiful self, and even embracing your "eye bags." If you're wondering if fashion blogging is shallow or conscious or if Galliano deserves forgiveness this is the roundup for you this week! If you're just looking for some excellent DIYs for the weekend, we've even got a great floral crown, handstamped jewelry, and shirt dyeing project for you!


Links à la Mode: April 25th, 2013

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Street Style Inspiration: Seoul Fashion Week

even if you have to crawl on your knees, get yourself to Seoul! ’- Old Korean proverb


Sources: Elle.uk, streetd.com, chincha.co.uk


Guest Post: Your ultimate guide for a Modest Summer by farfetch.com

A Modest Summer

As the cold months make their departure it’s time to look forward to everything that the summer months will bring; from fantastic longer days to the sunshine and with that warmth. Everybody loves the summer, people seem to be more carefree, happier and with more time to spare. The summer does however have its downsides for those who like to dress modestly, the sun is brilliant but it does make dressing appropriately a little difficult. How can you keep up your own personal standards of dressing when the rays of the sun beat down on your back?

This is a problem that returns year after year and so we thought it would be sensible to put together a little guide to help you master the art of modest summer dressing looking at some of this season’s biggest trends and how we can translate them into our own wardrobes.
We look at everything from layering to accessorising and big trends such as stripes, prints and mettalics and explore some easy ways that you can maintain a super stylish but appropriate wardrobe. We highlight some essential items that will make up the building blocks of any half decent closet and show that just because you might dress modestly doesn’t mean that it can’t be fantastically stylish!

First things first, in order to tackle SS 13 trends you must make sure you already have the building blocks in place to help you put together brilliant outfits. The worst mistake a girl can make is investing in something pricey and then never wearing it because you have nothing that goes with it. Once you’ve got the essentials down you’ll be able to play around and mix and match each of the items of your wardrobe!


Links á la Mode of March 28th


The Beautiful Abyss

Beauty is only skin deep, beauty comes from within. From actually taking care of your skin to being comfortable in your own skin, this is where style starts. We've had a lot of thoughtful entries this week, and I loved reading the posts. Breaking style rules, mixing punk and modesty, and a full on deconstruction of cats on the internet and fashion (my two favorite things). Anyway, before I digress, you'll get lost in a world commentary so perhaps you'll digress into the abyss as well.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup March 28th

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