The MAXI dress is the perfect choice for a special occasion (for example new year's eve).

If you're running out of new ideas on how to pull off this trend, you can get inspired from the best.

1- The ABAYA:

Minimalist and loose, this gear will give you a refined appearance to be a hit. You can do the classic black ABAYA, or you can go with flying colors.

2- Celebrity style:

Fell free to experiment with all kind of shades, shapes and fabrics, because it's your moment to walk boldly the red carpet and shine like a star.

3- Princess' dream:

You don't have to wait anymore to fulfill your dream, being a princess for at least one day. Get ready and choose your most royal dress, who knows maybe your prince charming is looking for you outdoor.

4- The first lady:
You have an important and formal meeting, dress to impress borrowing the style of a first lady. Her aspect should be decent and elegant at the same time. Don't forget to add the right jewelries to break the severeness of your image.

5- Dear Granny:

She is the proof that getting old is not an excuse to stop taking care of our wardrobe. Not afraid of doning bright colors and mixing diferent patterns and designs, our granny is  the greatest idol of fashion.

6- Prom Queen:

Hundreds of carefree teenagers fighting for a crown, striving to be the queen of the prom. Their allies are a girly long dress and a jacket (or a cardigan maybe). Be as cheerful as they are and you will success unmistakably.

7- Bride and prejudice:

The white dress isn't necessarily reserved only for brides, you can wear it aswell and triumph. The secret reside in picking a smooth and classical cut, and focusing in emphasizing the make-up.

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