How to wear: Floral Scarf

My personal experience with scarfs is so wide, that I can't even remember the very first scarf I wore.
In my first years I prefered the plain ones, without any print or a single detail that will get me noticeable more than I already am.

However, through several years of building a true relationship with that unique and indispensable
piece of my daily outfits, I get to learn which fabrics, forms, types, and prints that favor me as well as be my own signature.

Thus, The floral scarf became my best friend, since all my tiptop outfits were linked with it.
This type of scarfs can be worn in any event, whether it's a work place, or a simple walk.

Here are various images to be inspired by.

             Source1                                  Source2

             Source1                                 Source2

Every station of the year can be perfect for this beautiful scarfs.

         Fall (source)                          Winter (source)

         Spring (source)                     Summer (source)

Also, every occasion is an excellent excuse to take out your new best friend.

Floral Scarf On Duty

Floral Scarf Off Duty

How do you picture yourself with floral scarfs? When do you prefer wearing it? Share your experience with us.

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