Fashion Twist: Divergent

When I first read the dystopian book Divergent, I was amazed by the way the author Veronica Roth divided personalities to five main, as well as dominant, identities or factions.
- Candor : the honest, wearing only black&white.
- Abnegation : the selfless, wearing just a grey palette.
- Dauntless : the brave, wearing the rebel's color black.
- Amity : the peaceful, combining the red&yellow in their outfits.
- Erudite : the intelligent, must bear atleast one blue item.
Later on, I assimilated entirely the idea of being different, and at the same time undoubtedly usefull.

If I were a character in this fiction, I would definitely be a Divergent. Why?? 
Well because, I might be a serene girl (Amity), however when provoked, I can easily metamorphose into a fierce warrior (Dauntless), without forgetting to use my brain( (Erudite).

I can't wait to see the movie, and to find out how it will be like the wardrobe of each faction.
In the meantime let's have a close look to the spring/summer runways of 2013, and forecasting which designer had the right guess.

                   From left to right:Andrew Gn, Alexis Mabille, Vionnet, Anthony Vaccarello, Diesel Black Gold

                    From left to right: Nicolas Andreas Taralis, ACNE, Nina Ricci, Wunderkind, Christophe Lemaire.

                    From left to right: Barbara Bui, Jeremy Laing, Haider Ackermann, Willow, Nicolas Andreas Taralis.

                     From left to right: Tracy Reese, Emilia Wickstead, lacoste, Peter Som, Paul Smith.

                      From left to right: Alberto Biani, Antonio Berardi, Sacai, christophe-lemaire, Elie Saab.

Which faction you think you belong to? 
Are you a DIVERGENT with multiple talent?

Sources: Vogue.it, divergentfans, GoodReads, Google, Brainyquotes.


  1. aw this is a really interesting post! love the collages, haven't heard of the book before so i'll keep my eyes open for it!


    1. Well thank you for the compliments,
      we did our best to show our love for the book,
      given that it's an inspiring saga.
      Peace be upon you.