Let's study the Shopping Science!

Red is a color that motivates me and invites me to take action, no wonder why it's chosen to represent the SALE seasons, it's always a good sign when the price tag is red, it doesn't matter if the reduction was 30% 50% or a ridiculous one Euro I only feel an itchiness in my hands that incites me to spend it all. This is just one of the tricks brands do to attract more consumers, other methods consist in controlling our senses. Music for example is an excellent way to make you stay more longer inside the stores, the more you enjoy the melody the more you want to buy up (They should ban Ellie Goulding's song Burn).

A few months ago, I read a revealing article titled 'The Science of Shopping' in COMPANY magazine (December 2013), where the writer Sophie Cullinane explained very well the phenomenon of scent-sensational shopping. She wrote "Out of all the senses, it's our sense of smell that the fashion industry is targeting -with good reason. Studies show that as humans we remember 5% of what we see, 2% of what we hear, and 1% of what we touch, compared to a massive 35% of what we smell."


The perks of being a wallflower

I keep hearing people referring to me as a wallflower individual, it seems that I tend to be distant in social events and in school. I can't stand being in the middle of a large mixer therefore I prefer to stay home with a stack of magazines watching movies (which I don't consider at all as unproductive activities). Introverts are always judged mistakenly, they never participate enough in public and are constantly told to come out of their shell. My shell is so comfortable and I'm not planning on trading it as long as I'm living a quite life and enjoying peaceful moments far from a demanding society, it is the perfect lifestyle for me to grow as a human being and discover myself. Now my room has another wallflower within it (literally speaking this time), which I put together with my twin sister, from the rest of an engagement bouquet.


Reduce the consumption and wear a camo-print jacket!

If you head to your closet right now and dig a little deeper inside your wardrobe you will actually discover you own plenty of items you don't wear anymore, the same can be said of the tons of stuff you bought or received in a particular occasion and you no longer use, but manage to accumulate anyway in boxes in the storage room or in the garage. We can't get rid of material things so easily, our belongings perhaps made us happy once, they probably still remind us of someone special or maybe because we're too lazy to organize all the obsolete objects piled for ages.

One month ago I decided to restore order in my closet to welcome the new year, the process was so liberating! I had to throw/donate many objects, I'm sure I won't need. I got shocked when I found dozens of fabrics, I bought out of a sudden desire rather than careful thoughts, each meter was a reminder for me to stop listening to my consumerist demon who keeps convincing me that one day I will sew them myself, but after a year I realized it is extremely hard to fulfill this promise so I settled on giving each month a fabric to a tailor with a design in mind, this way I will win new custom-made pieces in my wardrobe.


Victoria Beckham: The most pinned celebrity in 2013 and why?

Among the chick flick of the Spice Girls, I always preferred  Mel C, and her cheerful personality, maybe because I was kind of a tomboy in the teenage phase of my life, so a girl wearing sneakers and picking fight with every single soul was so ME. However, Victoria was so mysterious to me, not smiling, not even grinning, always wearing dark colors, with the same hair cut for years, speaking of her famous straight bob that fits her personality as chocolate bars fit my hand perfectly, and her unfriendly state of mind which entitled her to be part of the Addams's family portrait.

However, being in the fashion industry, for a period more than enough for a fashionably immortal like her, made her style evolve so noticeably, from a wardrobe full of tight clothes, questionable short skirts, revealing corsets, prints not favoring her inner beauty, and shapes that compromises her petite silhouette, toward a more calm and gentle Victoria.

Thus, the factors that empowered the most female celebrity pinned this last 2013's fashion style are, according to me, (not that I consider myself an expert in fashion analysis, it's just a mere and personal venture in breaking down her fashion choices) very easy to adapt and adopt to our daily life, so let's dive into her secret of the Posh syndrome.